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Our experience and

services range from

architectural design,

sculptural commissions,

furniture, product design and,

artwork installations.


We collaborate with

carpenters, builders,

graphic designers,

industrial designers, artists and

professional consultants.

River Loft

Making the most of space and light in this heritage listed Woolstore loft apartment.

Located in Teneriffe on the Brisbane River, the aspirations of the brief sought to provide a young family with two kids growing into their teenage years with their own private spaces and manage work-from-home comfort. Maintaining an aesthetic continuity with the current apartment, a material palette and structural language echoed throughout the Woolstore was employed. 

Sympathetic to its heritage fabric, the additional bedroom sits snuggly with the existing trusses, setting up a datum for internal windows and doorways on the mezzanine level. A visual connection from entry through the staircase to the living space was essential, ensuring natural light would filter through the deep plan. 

The perforated staircase and office joinery were observed as a single piece of furniture, maximising space and functionality. With a joyful visual connection between floors, the stairs work as a stage for plants, books, light and conversation.

The enclosed bedroom carefully provides joinery step storage for the mezzanine sleeping with a sneaky porthole window with a river view. Mindful of its origins, the allowance for light to filter through the apartment from the clerestory windows above keeps this river loft as light as the breezes it captures.

Collaborative Projects

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Working with architects Aaron Peters and Stuart Vokes, we fabricated a series of 1:50 folded brass models from a collection of works for an exhibition entitled Detail and Manner at Artisan Gallery.



Designed by Paul Owen at Owen Architecture as jewellery display tables for Molten Store; inspired by the phases of the moon, our collaboration augmented the design into spun brass bowls placed within tabletop holes.



Designed as a centrepiece to the entrance of the school hall, the cast bronze artwork evokes personal reflection, the tranquillity of water and a homage to the spiritual history and teachings of the school.


Michael Miscamble Architect
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